Work in progress

  • Contigent Disruption: Digital Media and Politics (book manuscript with Andreas Jungherr and Daniel Gayo-Avello).

  • How Affluent Americans Explain Inequality, and Why It Matters (with Liz Suhay and Marko Klasnja).

  • Adaptive designs in context: Combining geographical information and paradata (with Roger Tourangeau, Brad Edwards, and Tammy Cook)

  • Preventing rather than Punishing: An Early Warning Model of Malfeasance in Public Procurement (with Jorge Gallego and Juan Martínez).

  • The Political Preferences of the Wealthy in the U.S. and the Netherlands (Marko Klasnja, Liz Suhay, and Paul Smeets).


Peer-reviewed articles

  • (2018): Web Surveys by Smartphones and Tablets: Effects on Survey Responses. Public Opinion Quarterly, 81 (4): 896-929 (with Roger Tourangeau, Aaron Maitland, Hanyu Sun, Douglas Williams, and Ting Yan)

  • (2017): Web Surveys by Smartphones and Tablets: Effects on Data Quality. Social Science Computer Review, OnlineFirst (with Roger Tourangeau, Aaron Maitland, Hanyu Sun, Douglas Williams, and Ting Yan).

  • (2017): Preaching to the Choir. Ideology and Following Behavior in Social Media. Contemporary Social Science, OnlineFirst.

  • (2015): Elections as a Conflict Processing Mechanism. European Journal of Political Economy, 39: 235-248 (with Adam Przeworski and Tianyang Xi).

  • (2015): Rooting Out Corruption or Rooting For Corruption? The Heterogeneous Electoral Consequences of Scandals. Political Science Research and Methods, 4(2): 379-397 (with Pablo Fernádez and Pablo Barberá).

  • (2015); Heterogeneous Preferences in Multidimensional Spatial Voting Models: Ideology and Nationalism in Spain. Electoral Studies, 40: 136-145.

  • (2014): Understanding the Political Representativeness of Twitter Users. Social Science Computer Review, 33 (6): 712-729 (with Pablo Barberá).

Conference papers

  • (2018): Responsive Design in Practice. Computer Assisted Survey Information Collection in Denver, CO (with Roger Tourangeau, Brad Edwards, and Tammy Cook).

  • (2017): Adjustments to Student Weights to Account for Student Nonresponse in the National Assessment of Educational Progress. Proceedings of the Joint Statistical Meetings in Baltimore, MD (with John Riddles; John Burke, and Keith Rust).

  • (2016): Responsive Design and Predictive Modeling in Context: Combining GIS and Paradata. International Total Survey Error Worksop in Sidney, Australia (with Brad Edwards and Hanyu Sun).

Other publications

  • (2012): ¿Un tweet, un voto? Desigualdad en el debate político en Twitter. In Cotarelo, R. and Crespo, I. (comps): La comunicación política y las nuevas tecnologías, Catarata, Madrid (with Pablo Barberá).

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  • (2011): Las consecuencias electorales de los escándalos de corrupción municipal. Estudio de Progreso, 59/2011 (with Pablo Fernández).